These are actual comments e-mailed to Starfire's Creations regarding the products and customer service.

"Hi Carrie!
I got the box yesterday--and I seriously think you've found your calling as a body products specialist.I LOVE everything....it was such a treat to unwrap all the beautifully packaged items. I can't believe you even taped each bottle closed around the lid so that absolutely nothing would spill. WOW....this was definitely worth waiting for...I shared some of my votives with a co-worker today and everyone's been commenting on how good they smell--and they're just sitting at her workstation!

I LOVE the pampering lotion--it's funny, I'm normally nauseated by the smell of jasmine and I didn't realize it had jasmine in it when I ordered it, but for some reason I'm fine with it....LOVE IT! Love the honeydust powder...very subtle and yummy. the votives are all delicious--GREAT scents with awesome intensity. the body candy soap is ridiculously awesome....it smells SO GOOD! I think I'm going to get some lotion and perfume with that scent...it's too yummy!

Enjoying the roll on lavender lotion very much! It's so convenient. I love the extras too...thank you so much! Can't wait to try the body scrub. Also, I'm enjoying my wonderful perfumes and the Healing and Anti-Exhaustion oils..they're wonderfully invigorating. Can't wait to order more products--I'm so happy with everything Carrie...thank you! AND GET A CORPORATE SPONSOR so you can do this full time!!"

"Dear Carrie,
I just wanted to thank you for our wonderful conversations over e-mail. Being apart from my wife for a longer than a week, for the first time in our fifteen year marriage, has been hard to bear. She really likes Bath and Body Works products, but I wanted to send her a personalized gift, something different and special, and when I saw your web site I knew I found the place where I could get that special gift! You guided me, and suggested products she would like based on some of her favorite smells and scents. I have to tell you....when she received the gift basket (you don't charge nearly enough by the way!), she called me and was so excited about what she had gotten! She said that just when she thought she had taken everything out of basket, she found more...and everything was a surprise and delight!

You went far beyond my expectations....and the finishing touches are so thoughtful. Right down to the handmade card, and the way you presented my personalized message (it brought tears to my wife's eyes). You really care about your customers, and I have never met a store owner more helpful than you!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I have bookmarked your site so I can order again!"

"I have to say, I have been having very pleasant dreams since I started wearing your oils to bed. i have also had increased dream recalls. my beloved dog passed away in october of 1999 and i struggle every day with that loss. until recently, i had only had disturbing and infrequent dreams about him, which was horrible. when i started wearing your oils at night, i began having pleasant and vivid dreams about him when he is still healthy and happy... two dreams within a week which is very unusual, as my previous dreams were scant and sparse.

again, thank you for all you have given me.
these combinations you mix are other wordly and really make a difference.

You do great work carrie."

"OH MY GOD! Not only do your oils smell incredible, but my husband can't keep his hands off me! After forty years of marriage our relationship needed a refresher! I feel as if we are kids again. Thank you so much...you have a loyal customer here!"

The following is a comment from someone who often asks me to duplicate expensive perfumes for them, using essential oils:

"Dear Carrie,
i just wanted to thank you again for the opium, shalimar and youth dew perfumes. the more i wear them, the more i appreciate their wonderful qualities, and your talents. i knew you would do a great job, but i never imagined how fantastic everything would be. The youth dew smells even better than the estee lauder original. your blend is much more exotic, and never ever has that bitter scent that store bought perfumes always seem to produce.

The shalimar is out of this world. i really didn't think that type scent could duplicate well with essential oils... i hoped it would, but i didn't think anyone could capture the original perfume quality... but you did, and again, without the bitter after scent which always gave me a headache... your version is pure magic and other wordly.

and the opium... that is the clincher. the wonderful blend of clove and pepper and the one and only carnation oil is my very favorite scent of all time. you've really outdone yourself across the board with all of these beautiful scents.

i just can't thank you enough for making these outstanding natural perfumes. commercial scents always gave me a headache, but now i can finally wear perfume and enjoy it all day, for the first time ever.

i am thrilled and forever grateful.
i'll be purchasing those 3 perfumes from you as long as i live.
please don't ever stop making your wonderful creations.
you have loyal and happy customers :-)

Greetings Carrie!
You've done it again!!! I just received my order, and me oh my what a great job you've done! I'm thrilled with the perfumes, and the excellent quality of the patchouli oil. These are definitely my favorite scents. You keep topping yourself!!!

Thank you very much for the jasmine soaps. Everything you make it top notch. I can't thank you enough for all you give to your customers.

Have yourself a great evening, and most of all, be happy :-)

Thanks again Carrie."

"I got my order the other day. Thank you thank you thank you; I love everything! The custom vanilla-patchouli massage oil is the perfect replica of that oil I told you about. The other oils are divine, as are the lip balms. I think my favorite is the foundation--just a hair lighter than my skin, but that just gives me a glow. Your foundation is actually the only one I've used that I find so addicting and lovable due to the ingredients. I'm hoping that you won't run out or stop making them. I do have one question, though: Can you think of any other makeup makers that use the same ingredients or similar? I've seen Real Purity, Paul Penders, and other foundations at a website called bewellstaywell.com, but I think I prefer yours since it really lasts and treats my skin well. At some point I will have to order the Light foundation in one of each oil just so I can stock up."

"Hi Carrie. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I received the last box of gift packages. Everything was so wonderful, way beyond my expectations! What beautiful packaging you do! All the little details are so wonderful, I loved opening all of the little packages. I am more than pleased with everything. And my "special" gift basket was very nice. I am very happy with everything that you did. I still think you should do this full-time, although I know you can't make a living doing it. But your work is so beautiful, it's a shame to waste your talent! I intend to use my gift certificate, can you tell me how long it's good for? I will probably keep checking to see if you have any baskets for sale and if not, I will probably just order a custom basket from you. Thank you so much for the gift certificate. Everything was worth waiting for!!"


"I just got my box of stuff today!! Here goes:

The maneki neko soaps are great! They are so cute! I can’t wait to try the black soap. The powders (Goddess, Gardenia, Rose, and Valley Blossom) smell great! Great job! The vanilla incense smells great, I’m going to try it tonight! The Papaya plum soap smells great, I can’t wait to try it! And the Valley Blossom bath salts not only smell great, there’s no mess! Great job on all of the items, I’m verrrrry satisfied! ;-)"

"Hi, Carrie: Just wanted you to know the spring basket and other products arrived yesterday and I'm having such fun with all of them! It seems every time I dig into the basket I come up with something new. I don't know which scent the soap with the pink sparkles has, but whatever it is, it makes the room, (and me) smell wonderful. And also the Greek Cold Cream, you might think 'this is going to be greasy' but it's just not, it's really nice. And that bunny is HUGE! and very cute. Thanks again, you have a repeat customer here."

"Hi Carrie. I received my gift basket on 3/12. But I just wanted to let you know how very beautiful and lovely this basket is. I am so pleased, it was much more than I thought it would be! I don't remember the last time I have seen such a wonderful gift basket. I absolutely fell in love with it. So many things and it was put together so nicely! If you make any more baskets in the future, would you please remember me and eMail me to let me know the item number? I would appreciate it very much. Thank you so much for your lovely creation."

"Carrie, I received my package today, and I absolutely love everything! I really like the powder and the incense smells so good. The basket it came in is so pretty too, Thank you so much! I can't wait to use everything. I could smell how wonderful everything was even before I opened the box! Thanks again!"

"Hey Carrie...
Just wanted to let you know that my Springtime Gift Baskets arrived today and they are awesome!! They are BY FAR the best gift sets I've ordered from you! Everything is wonderful but I especially liked the rosewater skin refresher(smells like spring!), the cute poppy seed soaps, and the Pikaki lotion! Thanks so much!!"

I received this today, and it was even better than I thought. I love everything, including the tea, and the packaging.
Thanks a million!"

"The products you make are just beyond pampering and fun...and I really like ordering them all. My husband is beginning to think I have too much of everything.... but it all gets used AND it helps keep me sane in this otherwise crazy world so all is well. Thanks again!"

"I love the soaps...in fact, I haven't found anything in any of the baskets I don't love! It was a smell-fest unwrapping everything, and my two daughters loved it! Keep up the great work!"

"I recieved my gift back, perfume and oil warmer blends yesterday, and adore them all! Each time I order from your store, I am even more impressed with the items and the service I recieve. You're doing a fabulous job (though I'm sure you know that already! So thanks a whole darn bunch!"

"I absolutely LOVE your products!! The Refreshing Bath Salts smell wonderful! I uncapped the jar and now my whole upstairs smells so fresh! I'm also a big fan of the Indian Massage Oil.... what a unique scent! Love it! Thanks again for everything!!!"

"I am so IMPRESSED with your wonderful and DIVINE Lavender Pack!! What great goodies to open up on a Friday evening. Lets see, bath powders,and salts, soaps, and Bath Oils. Mmmmm...that Youthful Glow sure smells DIVINE. Oh I have to try this one out this weekend. And look at all the extra goodies, massage soaps and your wonderful lip balm. I feel like its my birthday! Boy I'm gonna get myself into trouble between this and the honey powder dusting powder! Heeee!!!

You've got a loyal customer here, and you're gonna see a lot of me so be prepared!...and you know what? I'm off to leave feedback to tell everyone how excellent your products are and that everyone has to try them!!!"

"Boy am I hooked on your products! That Sensual Honey package is SO divine that words can't describe it! I can hardly wait for my Lavender Fields to come in now!"

"I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your bath products...I took a bath last night with the youthful glow oil and it was amazing. It felt heavenly. The soaps are not only beautiful but smell divine. I am now a huge fan of your work and will be frequenting your web site for ALL my gift needs. Thank you!!!"

"I received my order last Fri.,and wanted to let you know how very pleased I am! I am in the process of checking out your website, and I'm glad to see you have other scents,because even though I love the hemp,i don't think all my little 'ol Fla. leathers ladies would appriciate it like I do. Thanks for all the extra goodies, too-I was DELITED to see one of Noonie's washclothes....I really wanted one! Well, you have one more very happy customer...Thank-you so much."

"Thank you so much for the wonderful Cool Summer Gift Pack! The refreshing lemon-lime spritzer will most certainly be in my beach bag this summer, as will the apricot and lemon lipbalm, which tastes as good as it smells! In addition, I'm simply mad about your Hawaiian bath salts, and will most certainly be ordering more in the near future. And I'll be sure to soak in the Desert Sands bath salts prior to all of my Egyptian Deity meditations. Finally, I prefer your plumeria shower gel to the vanilla Bath and Body Works brand gel I've been using for the past year. Yippee! =D
The service recieved was beyond professional -- friendly emails, compensation for delayed shipment (again, thank you!), etc. All items came expertly packaged.
Thank you again for the great transaction! I look forward to doing business with you again. n.n"

Oh..I get SO EXCITED every time I open up one of your boxes. Everything is packed so nice neat. I should take wrapping lessons from you.

I'm always anxious to see what new you have to offer because everything always smells so DELICIOUS!

Keep up the great work!
I'll be back again and again

Thank you for all of the lovely items. I love your products they are so rich, and it is hard to find good quality homemade beauty supplies, but you made it easier. I will definitely be looking out for more of your auctions. Thank you again.

"Hello! I just got your package last night, and thanks to Earthlink doing some sort of strange upgrade I just got your e-mail today. It's WONDERFUL! I love all of them! I'm talking about your wonderful products to all my friends. I don't think I could be a bigger fan. Thank you again!!!"